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About Today Not Tomorrow & Club TNT

The weekly television show, Club TNT, educates and informs by providing opportunities for youth to build self-esteem and confidence to say no to drugs, gangs and other risky behaviors.   We provide resources that lead youth and young adults to say “yes” to positive lifestyles and hope. Club TNT has now completed its 25th broadcast year.

Club TNT is one way Today Not Tomorrow, Inc. works to strengthen families, promoting “Comm-Unity” through the medium of entertainment and technology.  We strive to increase understanding about the consequences of risky behaviors.  Each week is a celebration diversity, providing information about community resources available to support and promote the health and well-being of families and their children of all ages.

Increasingly, our online presence and community outreach under the Today Not Tomorrow, Inc. banner extends the reach and scope of Club TNT.  Welcome to our new website, entirely reorganized and refomatted with an emphasis on delivering our weekly TV show and other multimedia on-demand. 

We are now using the power of the Internet to deliver experience, strength, and hope across all digital platforms and popular web devises to fit today's mobile life-styles.  Please enjoy our show and streaming media on your television, computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.