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The Children's MarchAbout the 1963 Birmingham Bombing

African American Odyssey The Civil Rights Era

An Interactive Civil Rights Chronology

Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing - 1963

Birmingham:  1963

Birmingham, Alabama:  Civil Rights

Birmingham church bombing by the Ku Klux Klan

Birmingham church bombing timeline

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Online

Breitlinks Celebrates African American History

Children at Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.

Civil Rights 101

The Civil Rights Act

Civil Rights and the Struggle for Democracy

Civil Rights:  Law and History

Civil Rights Reports, Facts, Glossary, Chronology, and Newsletters

Dr. Martin Luther King's Eulogy for the Martyred Children at the 16th Street Baptist Church

FBI Spies On and Harasses Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From Snarling Dogs To Bloody Sunday

In Memory of the Four Little Girls About the victims of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

Interview:  Mary McWhorter, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Carry Me Home: The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution

Kids Fight for Civil Rights 

Kids Making Good:  The Children's Crusade

King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan The Children's Crusade

Lessons from Birmingham, Montgomery and Selma

Life and Times of Vernon Johns  Online Book

Madison Voices Celebrates the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King

Map: Civil Rights "Hotspots"

March on Washington

March on Washington:  Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" (full text and audio)

March on Washington Flyers:  Teachers' Domain

March on Washington:  Remembering

March on Washington:  The world hears of Dr. King's "Dream"

Official Program for the March on Washington

Oral History Transcripts:  Civil Rights Documentation Project

President John F. Kennedy and Civil Rights

President John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights Address

President John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights Bill

President John F. Kennedy Thinkquest

Reach and Teach Free Education Kit:  The Children's March

Teachers' Domain Boycott and Direct Action (Multimedia resources for the classroom and professional development)

Timeline:  Civil Rights Movement Teaching Tolerance The Children's March

UPl: September 16, 1963, 16th Street Church Bombing

U.S. History - Civil Rights Movement

USM Oral History Civil Rights Documentation Project

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement Images of a Peoples' Movement

Voices of Civil Rights

We Shall Overcome:  Lincoln Memorial

We Shall Overcome:  Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

We Shall Overcome:  West Park (Birmingham, AL)

We Shall Overcome:  Historic Places of the Civil Rights

Online Audio & Music

1963 March on Washington: 'O Freedom,' The Demands, The Pledge, The Prayer

Fannie Lou Hamer: Roots of Her Activism

March on Washington:  Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" (full text and audio)

Robert F. Williams: Self Respect, Self Defense, & Self Determination

NPR: 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

NPR: King Anniversary

NPR Separate But Unequal:  How a Student-Led Protest Helped Change the Nation

NPR:  Montgomery Bus Boycott Celebrations

President John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights Address

SNCC RealAudio (SNCC 1960-1966) Includes

Film and Video

African-American History TV & Radio Collection

American Revolution of '63. NBC, 1991.

At the River I Stand

The Children's Marchby Tell the Truth Pictures, 2004 (Teaching Tolerance)

Citizen King. PBS, The American Experience

Dream Deferred. SNCC, 1964. 

Eyes on the Prize, PBS

Freedom On My Mind Freedom On My Mind California Newsreel, 1994

Freedom Song, TNT

Fundi, the Story of Ella Baker. First Run Features, 1981. 

Home of the Brave 

The Intolerable Burden, First Run Icarus Films. 2003 

The Long Walk Home. Miramax Films, 1991

Mississippi Becomes a Democracy 

Mississippi — Is This America? 1962-1964, 1986. PBS

Mississippi Summer: The Unfinished Journey. Films for the Humanities, 1993

The Murder of Emmitt Till. PBS, The American Experience

The Road to Brown

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

Rivers of Change The Legacy of Five Unheralded Women in Montgomery and Their Struggle for Justice and Dignity, Cosmo-D productions.

Selma, Lord, Selma

The Second American Revolution. Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Bill Moyers, 1994. PBS

Standing on My Sisters' Shoulders 

We Shall Overcome. Story of the song that became the anthem that set America marching towards racial equality 


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