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As the name implies, BreitLinks represents a collection of resources I have collected to prove information about a variety of topics.  Click HERE to see some of  the different projects I am involved with.  All of these Webs focus on different aspects of information and technology literacy.  Each of these sites is in itself a collection of links to additional Web resources that support the purpose of that page.  

I have created BreitLinks to share my work teaching information and technology literacy with my students, other instructors, and anyone else that might have an interest.  Having worked in some of Wisconsin's largest school districts, I have come to the conclusion that computer important skills need to be taught in a content-rich contexts.

Each of the BreitLinks Webs is a "stand-alone" collections of information.  BreitLinks is merely an "umbrella."  THE WEBS LISTED BELOW WILL NOT HAVE THE MY ALGEBRA NAVIGATION BAR -- only the navigation links for that Web.  

Each Web listed below will open in a new browser window.  Simply close the new window that pops us when you are done looking at that Web -- the browser with MY ALGEBRA should stay open.  If you use a pop-up blocker, you might need to "override" it to easily navigate this Web.  

The collection of resources that I create and maintain for various education-related projects continues to grow.  Here are some of the other resources you can find at BreitLinks:

Madison Voices.  Friends often ask for suggestions on how to do computer projects.  In this case; create a newspaper, Voices, published bi-monthly by the Allied Dunns Marsh Neighborhood Association in Madison, Wisconsin.  After getting the paper copy together and printed, we decided to create a companion Web (www.madisonvoices.com).  It is a wonderful project to be involved with -- we are working to build "comm-unity" in an urban neighborhood that has had some problems, but is working to master these challenges.

Writing Quick Tips.  Working with students on writing projects this past summer, I had to reflect on the ways my writing skills and styles have changed.  Learning to think of writing as a process was an important start.  This Web is designed to help students quickly review editing and proofreading, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, tricky words, academic/essay and business/technical styles, persuasion, documentation of sources, and a variety of links to great writing sites.

Today's Collegian.  This past summer (2005), I worked with Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) camps and the Project ASSIST Summer Transition Class at UW-Whitewater.  Project ASSIST is UW-Whitewater's support program for students with learning disabilities.  Much of this information posted here would help secondary students too.  Topics covered include:  differences between high school and college, learning styles, self-advocacy, time management, stress, goal setting, motivation, memory tricks and tips, college math, and more.  I have even included a link to the class handouts and PowerPoint presentations that we used.

My Algebra.  While UW-Whitewater does not require professors to have Webs, I wanted to provide my students with resources that support alternative learning styles, needs, and independent study.  In my humble opinion, giving students choices, connecting them with alternative presentations, and utilizing Web-based resources are all important.  I strive to support their learning by creating a "newsletter," my Algebra Connections and by integrating productivity software 

Library Media.  In many ways, BreitLinks is all about helping keep "found items found."  This Web organizes resources that support today's library media specialist.  I also have an extensive cataloging portfolio -- but most of it is not currently in a Web compatible format.  Please contact me to see it.

Club TNT.  In many ways, this is the project I am most proud to be associated with -- the companion Web for a TV show on Madison's UPN station, Channel 14.  The good people at Club TNT seek to "use the media of entertainment to inform and education."  We try to encourage young people to make positive lifestyle choices.  I am grateful to be their humble Webmaster.

TNT Resources.  In order to support Club TNT's mission, I put together this collection of links to provide participants to Club TNT with a variety of academic resources, research sites, news links, virtual trips, games, and more!  

TNT Book Club.  Drawing on my experience and specialty training as a school library media specialist, I created this section to share ideas about books and authors.  The emphasis is on "YA Literature," because these books are quick-reads with plots that develop quickly.  Reading is a fundamental skill -- motivating students to read is important.

TNT Collegian.  We would like to see Club TNT participants continue their education after graduating from high school.  Its never too early to start thinking about college.  This section is based on the curriculum I have created and use at University of Wisconsin college transition summer programs.  This section of the Club TNT Web is based on the Today's Collegian material from the Summer Transition Class I taught at UW-Whitewater.  I have included information and links about:   high school versus college, self-understanding & learning styles, time management, goal setting, motivation, stress, college math, tips & tricks for success, and links to a variety of useful online resources.

Alcohol Awareness Web. April is Alcohol Awareness month.  Approximately one-half of U.S. adults report a family history of alcoholism or problem drinking. Nearly 14 million Americans have alcohol disorders.  While many talk about kids and illicit drugs, it is alcohol that remains the No. 1 drug problem for young people.  I have put together resources for:  Alcohol & The Brain, Research Guide, Print Resources, Support & Help, For Mom & Dad, For Teachers, Kids & Students, AA Big Book Study.

Brain Matters.  The content for this page was put together with Jeanne Erickson, Brain Development Specialist, for the Wisconsin Council of Children and Families.  We believe that if we present current, factual information about issues such as substance abuse and use today's technology to do so, we can positively impact the lives of others.  Our Brain Matters Web started as a collaborative computer activity computer classes I was teaching.  To see more about brain development, please check out my Connect WCCF link on the Business Education Portfolio.

Business Education. If you want to really learn computers, work collaboratively with hundreds of young adults!  This page is full of student-centered activities for Microsoft Office, all of which I created.  This page has not been updated for a few years and probably will not.  This is where I started to develop concepts of teaching authentic computer skills in authentic contexts.  I am grateful that I always found educators to work with on integrated projects.  My Brain Matters Web started here as a sample Web to teach in a Web Design Class

Bill & Tom's Railroad:  Dredgby Division.  This page highlights my model railroading from years ago.  It is full of digital photo effects (I used PaintShop Pro).  While the product of me and my brother's imaginations, the concept is based on the history of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (The Milwaukee Road).  I have provided a variety of resource links about one of the railway systems that provided stimulus for Milwaukee and Wisconsin's growth and economic development.  Like the real Milwaukee Road; our imaginary empire, the Dredgby Division, no longer exists.  It lives on in memories.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  This collaborative celebration of my father's 80th birthday is an "on-line" tribute to Paul Breitsprecher.  It was a great deal of fun to put together.

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