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Mr. B's "Favorites"

Looking for an "Alternative Algebra Perspective?" 

These are the sites that I have "bookmarked" on my computer.  When I am looking for new ideas for class, I found these resources useful.  Most have directories and organized links to help find information about specific topics.  A good "Web sleuth" should be able to find the answer to ANY math or algebra question somewhere within these pages.  Collectively, resource directories like this represent the largest collections of mathematical information in the world -- but don't take my work for it, check some of these sites out for yourself!

442 Manually Selected Algebra Resources This listing, because of the sheer volume of resources, may not as "user-friendly" as some, but it does have it all.

Algebra 1 Study Guide for Parents and Students The companion site for an Algebra 1 textbook – effective presentations on a variety of topics. The study guides are .pdf files. On the left is a navigation bar for online, interactive resources.

Algebra Help: Free Math Lessons This well organized site delivers exactly what the title proclaims.

Algebra Review in 10 Lessons This is the review of Algebra in 10 lessons. These tutorials are viewed in the PDF format. This requires that you have Acrobat Reader 3.0 or greater, which you can obtain by clicking on the Get Adobe Reader icon. The tutorial will not function correctly unless you have Version 3.0. or greater.

Algebra.help Begin by reading one of Algebra.help’s lessons. Then find help with your homework using step-by-step calculators, and test knowledge using interactive worksheets. All content on algebrahelp.com is accessible free of charge! Extensive collection of topics.

Amby's Math Instruction, Reinforcement, and Learning Activities Well organized site with a variety of topics all logically outlined on the homepage – cute kitty graphic too! This maintains a collection of useful links too.

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges Online Algebra Resources Collection of links to prepare and help students for success in post-secondary algebra.

BMCC Math Tutorials These tutorials are designed to serve as a quick reference and general review source for basic mathematics skills and knowledge. The topics covered within these pages include basic concepts, which need to be mastered to succeed in higher-level math courses. The color choices are kind of odd and this site might be difficult to read on some computer monitors, especially if one is colorblind.

Center for Technology and Teacher Education: Math Activities Math with MS Excel, while designed for educators, students can benefit from seeing practical application of math procedures using "real-world" software.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education Lesson plans, math and science links and more. This is a well-maintained site. ENC's funding from the U.S. Department of Education will end in September 2005. ENC products and services will then be available by subscription. Take a look at it now, while its available FREE!

Free University Project Online study guides and practice tests and a variety of lesson and learning links.

Fusion: Educators Using Technology Another math with MS Excel site that is designed for educators. Students can benefit from seeing practical application of math procedures using "real-world" software.

Home School Math A comprehensive math resource site for home schooling parents and teachers: find a home school math curriculum guide, free worksheets, math e-books for elementary grades, an extensive link list of games, interactive tutorials & quizzes, and teaching tips. The resources emphasize understanding of concepts instead of just mechanical memorization of rules.

Instructional PowerPoints HUGE assortment of downloadable PowerPoint presentations – all prepared by professional educators. This listing covers MUCH more than just math and algebra – great resource for other subject areas too.  Includes a link for a FREE, downloadable PowerPoint Viewer so that presentations can be viewed on computers without PowerPoint.

Interactive Mathematic Miscellany and Puzzles Large collection of activities that reinforce a wide variety of math and algebra skills – be sure to scroll down the comprehensive listing! On the left are more of the same type of interactive activities for a variety of other subjects.

Internet Links for Mathematics From Dartmouth College, a large collection of links for many topics – this URL will take you to the "Math" links. Scroll up and down and you will find many more resources for a variety of classes and other fields of interest.

Internet4classroom’s Links for Secondary Math Teachers While designed to help teachers integrate Web resources into the classroom, students can find a great deal of help here too. This is the secondary resource page, elementary and topical indexes are also available.

Introduction to Algebra This is the resource Web for mathleague.com – there are many great resources here.

Introduction to Math and Spreadsheets MS Excel, and other spreadsheet software, is ideal for applying math concepts. Perhaps this site is more useful to educators than typical students, but there are some good illustrations of math concepts here and computer enthusiasts might find some interesting ways to practice math.

Introductory Algebra/Mathmax This is the companion Website for another Beginning Algebra text. The topics are organized slightly different, but the presentation is fairly consistent to UW-W’s Beginning Algebra class.

Math Archive: Algebra Links A large collection of online resources for many topics in algebra.

Math Forum @ Drexel University Great site, full of resources – features "Dr. Math" and more! Virtually any topic or question can be found among these well-organized links.

Math Help for the GRE Extensive collection of lessons on basic skills, including algebra. Very detailed, step-by-step presentation of procedures and concepts in a variety of math-related subject areas. There is a link to the Main GRE prep page, which offers support for a variety of other academic and test-taking skills.

Math Homework Help: Algebra A searchable database of resources from Oakland Community College.

Math Index Comprehensive set of resources for many, MANY math concepts and topics.

Math Resources for Educators I include these types of sites because I know I am working with some education majors. Students can also find helpful links at these types of sites. Links are organized by topics. Be sure to check out the section INTERNET PAGES TO MATH SITES – many student-oriented resources there.

Math Sites Games, puzzles and MORE – be sure to scroll down to the resource sections that are organized by typical math course titles.

Math.com: The World of Math Online Large collection of links, organized by different math topics (check out the navigation bar on the left). Many step-by-step procedures and interactive practice activities.

Math2.org Many online resources for different math subject areas, all organized by categories. There is also a "comment board" where you can post your reflections and questions.

Mathematics Absolute huge list of math resources organized by topic, including algebra -- great sites for students and teachers.

Mathematics Support for All Subjects Created by Mathcentre, this site offers what the title suggests – very comprehensive.

Mathematics: Springfield Technical Community College This web page contains the course syllabus, class notes, homework assignments, exams, e-mail among students, e-mail between the professor and students, and internet chats, links to other sources of help and much more.

Mathematics Bookshelf Wikibook’s online "reference works to use to build books" project. Members contribute resources – interesting concept that is still being developed. So good material and links here now and it is growing.

MathNotes This site offers two types of resources to help strengthen understanding of the mathematics and algebra: InterAct Math software tutorials and Numbers in the Real World Web problems.

Math World Claims to be the "Web’s most extensive mathematics resource." Big claim, but could be true – includes a "headline" feature that emphasizes math in current events. An index for math topics is on the left navigation bar.

National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges (NANAMIC) Resources Another large collection of links organized by a variety of topics – especially useful for adult learners and post-secondary curriculum.

Purplemath’s Internet Links: Online Lesson Sites Purplemath’s site (purplemath.com) is itself an outstanding math resource. This collection of links to additional resources puts purplemath.com "over the top."

Quadratic Equation Calculator From Math.com; if you are the student that works best if you can review your answerers as you go along, this site is for you! Enter the coefficients for the Ax2 + Bx + C = 0 equation and Quadratic Equation will generate the solutions. On the left navigation bar are many more links for other resources and tools.

QUIA: Interactive Flashcards -- Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers While QUIA is a subscription service for teachers and students (I think it is free), this link will take you directly to a flashcard review to practice adding and subtracting negative numbers. THIS IS A COMMON PROCEDURAL ERROR IN BEGINNING ALGEBRA. The flashcards are simple, but this review is important to master.

Quiz Me! Online, interactive quizzes organized by subject – a great way to review and practice to do well in Beginning Algebra or your next math class.

SLAC – Course Tutorials This site contains a collection of resources for the math courses at San Antonio College. The tutorials are available in PowerPoint format and as printable .pdf study guides.

Subject Library for Mathematics About.com’s directory of math resources – pretty comprehensive.

Teaching Resources for Practicing and Prospective Teachers While primarily a site for educators, students can find some effective resources here too.

Teach-Nolology: Algebra A portal to a world of math resources and activities on the Internet. Designed for teachers, but students can find great links here too.

The Mathematics Learning Center at LAS Many basic and higher-level math resources here along with strategies for dealing with "math anxiety" and other important study skills.

Toying With Reality: Java and VRML Virtual Reality: Modeling with Math, and a little Java Adds dimensions of depth & time and the active choices of participating visitors. Well-designed Java applets can grab and involve people, instead of isolating them as constrained, passive and uninvolved spectators.

Understanding Algebra A free, online text by James Brennan of Boise State University. It is well written and organized by chapters that cover specific algebraic skills. This presentation compliments UW-W’s Beginning Algebra class and would be a great site to check periodically. A link provides a printable, downloadable copy of all the material on this site.

Washington State University: Materials for Math Classes A site that tries to provide high school students with access to materials that will prepare them for post-secondary math courses. There are many good resources here for a Beginning Algebra class.

Web Resources: Online Tools for Math This collection of links includes a terms search Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Well organized and a variety of topics are covered.

Webmath Click a tab to get help with math problem. This site has over 100 instant-answer, self-help, math solvers, ready to help get math problems solved -- browse through more than 1,000 completely solved math problems! Well organized by topic and type of help.

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