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Study Guides

These study guides are from a different text/author, but present the same concepts and algebra skills. These .pdf files are printable -- require Acrobat Reader. The chapter links contain study questions, answers are provided in the link that follows.

bulletChapter R: Pre Algebra Review (answers)
bulletChapter 1: Introduction to Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions (answers)
bulletChapter 2: Solving Equations and Inequalities (answers)
bulletChapter 3: Graphs of Equations: Data Analysis (answers)
bulletChapter 4: Polynomials: Operations (answers)
bulletChapter 5: Polynomials: Factoring (answers)
bulletChapter 6: Rational Expressions and Equations (answers)
bulletChapter 7: Graphs, Slope, and Applications (answers)
bulletChapter 8: Systems of Equations (answers)
bulletChapter 9: Radical Expressions and Equations (answers)
bulletChapter 10: Quadratic Equations (answers)

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Concept Reviews

The following study guides are from different authors and text books.  The .pdf links below contain "printable" reviews and supplemental presentations to main topic areas of this course.  Because these links represent a collection of "best-available," study guides -- chapter or unit numbers and learning objectives may not match.  The concepts and their presentations, however, are useful class reviews or supplements.

These .pdf files are printable and requires Acrobat Reader.

bullet Natural and Whole Numbers
bullet Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers
bullet Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers
bullet Real Numbers
bullet Real Numbers and Sets
bullet Operations With Real Numbers
bullet Properties of Real Numbers and Use of Exponents
bullet Square Roots (Radical Expressions)
bullet Rational Numbers and Operations
bullet Algebraic Expressions
bullet Solving Equations With Whole Numbers
bullet Order of Operations, Part 1
bullet Order of Operations, Part 2
bullet Integers and Number Lines
bullet Adding and Subtracting Integers
bullet Solving Equations with Integers
bullet Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor
bullet Fractions
bullet Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
bullet Adding and Subtracting Fractions
bullet Solving Equations With Fractions
bullet Decimals
bullet Operations With Decimals
bullet Solving Equations With Decimals
bullet Percents
bullet Percent Equations, Part 1
bullet Percent Equations, Part 2
bullet Percent Equations, Part 3 (Solving for Base)
bullet Proportions
bullet Proportion Method for Percent Problems
bullet Statistical Measure

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