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Today Not Tomorrow, Inc.

Project Babies

Today Not Tomorrow's community baby showers provide information and activities that enable families to become proactive in their children’s health and well being.

Cyber Safe: I'm Safe Online

Being safe online means joining the cyber community and beomg a good digital citizen. 

Library Media & Academic Resources

My Library Media TV
These video book reviews and book & author talks are regularly featured on our weekly broadcast of Club TNT (TVW). 

My LMC Web
Since 2004, academic support has always been a main compenent of the TNT family of online resources.  We've packaged them into one simple web, a virtual library, to make it easy to find almost anything a K-12 student needs to be successful in school.

Bear Book Talks

Picture books are fun and these video segments have appeared on Club TNT, featuring Bogey Bear, a big fan of children's literature.

Dewey Decimal Challenge I
Understand how information is intellectually organized, even when resources are physically placed on library shelves, is a critical 21st Century skill. 

Dewey Decimal Challenge II
Did you master our Dewey Challenge?  Take the next step.

Dewey Decimal Challenge III
If successfully completing our first two Dewey Challenges was easy and fun, your ready for our third!

Fiction Genre Gig
Librarians think of novels -- fiction -- as having six groupings based on how readers enjoy them.  Jere's a game structured like our Dewey Challenges that helps you connect different types of fiction books with things you may also enjoy,

Reference Rally
Let's quickly review what makes a "Reference Section" and then put your understanding to work with an interactive game.

Research Pathfinder: 

Brain Matters (Science-based substance abuse prevention

Math Minutes

Math is the gateway to higher education.  This series of math tutorial videos appears on TVW's Club TNT from time to time.  This website also features many additional resources to help you succeed in math classes.

Early Literacy Web

Ready to read means ready for school.  Children begin the developmental process of emerging as readers when very young -- some even believe while still in mother's womb.

21st Century Technical
Literacy & Career Paths

My Biz Ed Web

Looking for a quick keyboarding tune-up?  Ready to start planning the next steps after high school?

Keying Kids

Keyboarding is an essential 21st Century writing skill.  This K-12 web is designed to prepare students to move into high school ready to be comfortable, confident, and competent using common productivity tools.

Mr. B's Career Exploration Web
While today schools emphasize academic achievement, we also need to place school-based-learning into real-world contexts.  What do you want to be when you grow up or move through your career paths?